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Made of Carpet® is the home of English traditional handmade Handbags, Tote bags, Weekend bags and Luggage.

Carpet Bags – trendy Renaissance of the 150-year-old Victorian fashion treasure, straight from its homeland London, England.

We decided to bring justice and restore the former glory of unique and elegant Victorian Carpet bags.

We have closely examined all possible modern materials and technologies, and have found those that meet a performance capability of modern machinery, all high quality requirements of the real Victorian Carpet bags and modern health and safety standards.

With the rapid expansion of railroads in America in the 1840-1850s ordinary people were traveling in large numbers, and there was in need for convenient and affordable luggage, so thousands of Carpet Bags were manufactured.

They were made by saddle makers in many town and cities and were many sizes and shape. They were called Carpet Bags because the makers would buy old carpets and construct the bags from the pieces of carpet that were not completely worn out.

By the 1860s Carpet Bags were carried by all most everyone, men and women, middle class and upper middle class. Carpet Bags were the first suitcases made in large numbers. When you traveled during the American Civil War (1861-1865) and though the 1870, you packed your Carpet Bag. This became a way to identify a traveler.